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By ticking these boxes you enable other people in The Health Chain to find you and ask you to Link with them. If both “Name” and “Condition” are ticked then, when people search for potential Links they can find you by your name and/or your condition.

If you leave “Name” un-ticked, then people searching for you by name will not find you. Similarly, if “Condition” is un-ticked then you will not show up in a search for potential Links with your condition. If you leave both boxes un-ticked, you will not show up in any search for Links on the site.

Whatever you choose it will not affect your ability to search for and find other people (as long as they have ticked these boxes) and Link with them. Also, you can change this setting at any time by changing your details under the Admin option on the site.

By ticking this box you are indicating that you do not have this condition, but that you are a supporter of someone who does. You will receive messages on the site from people sharing information about this condition, just as if you had the condition yourself. This is to prevent confusion that you actually have this condition.

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